The stems from the album were uploaded online and free to download and remix/reuse, and are released open source under a CREATIVE COMMONS licence. This has spawned a community that have all contributed to and used the raw materials to create new music.

Conceived by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, this economic model is based a zero-waste approach. Instead of using things and discarding them, the materials could be re-used as a part of something new entirely. Thus eliminating waste and promoting a cleaner and healthier environment. This is called Cradle to Cradle, as opposed to Cradle to Grave lifespan.

An idea was born! We could use these principles and apply them not only to materials but creativity, goods, services and spaces in order to bring people together using technological resources and creativity. To create a community of like-minded individuals who have something to contribute and to gain from working together and participating in something greater than the sum of its parts; #MadeInCircularity.

Be a part of Circularity by downloading the stems from our album, powered by Bandcamp. You can use these to create new music and share them back with us.

If your music is of a releasable quality, then we’ll contact you with details and our simple agreement.

Send us the stems you create with our music, and we will add them to our genepool of Circularity Audio.