Circularity is a BIG project. You will need to spend some time with it to fully understand and engage with it… 


The Circularity hub, where all the dots connect. 

Spend time exploring the website to discover all the different aspects of the project.

Project ‘O’

Our Social Media activiity for promoting empathy and altruism online.

Allowing everyone to become a part of Circularity, from toe-dip to a head-first dive.

Connect with our social media Channels, Groups, and Pages to immerse your feed with an ethos of togetherness and collectivism.

Use O to show you’ve recognised an act of true empathy and altruism.


Circularity by Star From Ivy is the seed of the project. The origin from which all the other aspect branch from.

Listen to the record on the music platform of your choosing, and uncover the stems.


Our community of composers, writers, arrangers and producers.

Collaborating together as a likeminded sharing community of creators.

Create your own music from our lyrics, chord sequences and arrangements. Use as much or as little of them in whatever way works for your song.

Add your own work to our Circularity Music Library for others to play with.


Multimedia news and stories relating to the overall themes of our project,

Explore the project themes and aims. Read. Comment. Share.


Our community of musicians, singers and artists

Collaborating together as a likeminded sharing community of performers.

Become a part of our network of performers, working in Circularity with Festivals, Events, and Showcases.


A series of happenings dedicated to the themes and aims of the overall project.

Come to our events and experience Circularity in the making! Become part of a community of likeminded people and help to change the world!