CircularityCONNECT - Are We Ok?
7:00 PM19:00

CircularityCONNECT - Are We Ok?

The CONNECT is structured as an immersive and interactive experience where all the different parts of the project are discussed and ideas are exchanged. These are a fantastic opportunity to enter the project and have a real impact on how it develops and evolves.

Each of our popular quarterly meetings, kindly hosted by the National Brewery Centre, Burton on Trent, invites people to join us to explore a specific theme that resonates with local need. We explore topics through a number of facilitators or presentations and invite the audience to participate and reflect on their values, encouraging understanding and positive action.

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International Festival of Beer (Music in conjunction with
to Mar 10

International Festival of Beer (Music in conjunction with

Official event info and booking HERE.

There are two stages - the band stage is in the marquee, the acoustic stage is in the bar restaurant. A team member will be in touch with you as your key contact for the day and will provide load in and logistical information.

For artists, please be cool with your performance date and time slot. It’s strictly 30 minutes per band including changeover unless the last slot, which is an hour. We suggest four of your best songs, then enjoy some of the finest world beers and ciders!

Each artist/band member is allocated free entry and an additional guest ticket for the full session of the performance. Also each artist/band member will receive 2 drinks tokens.

There will be a Bass Amp, two Guitar Amps, Drum shells, Vocal Mics (bring stool, snare, stands, cymbals, and kick pedal), full PA and stage monitoring. DI Boxes will be made available as required for acoustic guitars or keyboards.

Please organise for one band representative to fill in the following form and to be the key contact on the day. You can find out your performance information in the EVENTS tab in the International Festival of Beer Artist Facebook Group. Join the group if you are not already a member..

Which day does your slot take place on?
Select the stage you are performing on
What time is your performance from/to?
Contact Name *
Contact Name
Disclaimer *
We intend to use the data given in this form to keep you informed about future opportunities. If you do not tick the box, the data will be destroyed after the event.
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TEDx Leamington Spa - RHYTHM
11:00 AM11:00

TEDx Leamington Spa - RHYTHM

A band with a mission, Star From Ivy have released an album of open source songs titled Circularity. Beyond the album, Circularity is a growing movement where like-minded people discuss and work toward collective action. It’s a big concept, one which covers ideas around topics from mental health and mindfulness to grief and galaxies.

Described as a ‘thematic and conceptual rock album project encompassing 21st century learning and humanitarian ideas’ each track on Circularity is accompanied by a set of learning resources themed around the subjects covered in the song. Being open source means anyone can take the music and re-mix or re-use it in their own creative projects rights-free.

Circularity is a project which uses creativity and technology to connect people and ideas, in order to make the world a better place to be.

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