My Radio Story / by Chris Baldwin

By Chris

It’s a wonderful feeling being a part of the Derby Sound Radio Community! Initially Rob Gillespie and I came to a training session to try out the software and learn about how to put a show together. It felt like the Derby Sound ethos very much resonated with our Circularity ethos about bringing people together and collaborating on making a change in a community. From this initial point I was immediately struck by the inclusivity and drive of the project; taking everyone at whatever starting point and helping and guiding everyone on their journey to creating a show.

My friend, Neil Johnson, is a renowned music writer and fantastic photographer - as well as being a general creative technical mastermind! He fancied a new project so we riffed on having a rock show and what that would entail. The Doghouse came together as we both spend a significant amount of time in bother with our significant others! Vanessa, our mentor, also discovered our quite unpredictable and fairly haphazard approach to everything! But, the Doghouse show felt good right from the off when we came up with the ‘theme’ idea where every show would follow a concept and culminate in the build up to a climactic moment - The Doghouse Monster. This is a song which epitomises and jumps out as a standout piece related to the theme. We’ve kept this format every week and I’m very proud that we’ve actually been consistent in our process and delivery with a show every Monday night. Also, Neil has really mastered the Mixcloud platform to ensure that people have the opportunity to catch up on our show! Next, we will be developing our work on social media in order to really grow The Doghouse as a place where all the metal misfits and rock geeks of the local area and beyond feel right at home.

While we were cooking up a storm in The Doghouse, Rob Gillespie and I battled with how the growing Circularity project might be best represented on the radio show. We knew we wanted to bring in the local music community, but without making it a purely local artist show. How might we bring in local people who really cared about, and had a really emotional connection with music? With the Doghouse and with Circularity, we’d been using collaborative Spotify playlists to rough out the shows so maybe that could play a part somehow? We collaborated with Vanessa on what might be really cool for the show, who very much felt that authenticity, meaningfulness, and our message of ‘Me to We’ were key. So, how would we communicate this? Rob came up with a great idea for growing an artist community through having local artists cover each other’s songs. We came up with this idea around having a two week spotlight on a musician, then having them choose another local musician and handing over the spotlight baton by covering one of their songs. We invited local people to ‘follow’ and add to our Meaningful Music collaborative Spotify Playlist, which we pick a number of songs from from each week. Away from the show, we had a great podcast with Bennyness who also contributes a meaningful song. We added to this Vanessa’s idea of having a meaningful quote each week which might encourage listeners to embrace the ‘Me to We’ mindset. We also put a shout out to the local music community to send us material to play. We are very proud of what we’ve achieved so far and how our CircularityMUSIC Show will grow into the future.

It’s great to be a part of Derby Sound Community Radio developing our voices for radio. We love sharing our joy of rock, metal, and championing local musical talent while bringing people together as a community of performers and listeners to celebrate all things Derby!

Tune in online via The Doghouse 9pm Mondays (or 11pm Fridays) and The Circularity Music Show 9pm Tuesdays (or 5pm Saturdays). You can also catch Chris hosting our Live Sound re-living recorded live concert moments 10pm Sundays or catch up via